FLCBank offers a variety of deposit products.

From basic savings accounts to Money Market accounts, CDs and IRAs; we offer a solution for your savings or investment need. Not all accounts, products, and investments are covered by FDIC insurance. Find out what is—and is not—covered at FDIC.gov.

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Rates below are effective as of January 1, 2024

APY is the Annual Percentage Yield for the account. Click here to see Personal and Business Account Service Fees.

Business Accounts

Account NameInterest RateAnnual Percentage
Opening Balance
Average Daily Balance
Business Checking NA NA $1,000 $1,000
NOW Checking 0.10% 0.10% APY $1,000 $2,500
Business Savings 0.10% 0.10% APY $1,000 $2,500
Non-Profit Checking 0.25% 0.25% APY $2,500 $10,000
IOTA - $0 to $100,000 3.40% 3.46% APY NA NA
IOTA - Over $100,000 3.41% 3.47% APY NA NA
Analysis Checking Earnings Credit Rate Earnings Credit Rate $1,000 NA
ECR: 0.50% (January 1, 2024) To offset service charges on Analysis accounts.

Personal Accounts

Opening Balance
Interest RateAnnual Percentage
Yield (APY)1
Average Daily Balance
Checking $100 NA NA $1000*
Capital Checking $1000 0.15% 0.15% APY $2,500
Savings $100 0.10% 0.10% APY $1000*
Minor & IRA Savings $100 0.10% 0.10% APY NA
*$1,000 minimum balance or direct deposit to avoid service charge

Money Market Accounts (Personal and Business)

Minimum opening balance required
Personal: $2,000 | Business: $10,000

Account TiersInterest RateAnnual Percentage
Yield (APY)1
$200,000 and Higher 1.98% 2.00%
$100,000 - $199,999 0.35% 0.35%
$50,000 - $99,999.99 0.20% 0.20%
$10,000-$49,999.99 0.20% 0.20%
Less than $10,000 0.10% 0.10%

Certificate of Deposit & IRA (Personal & Business)

Minimum opening balance required
Personal: $2,000 | Business: $10,000

Interest RateAnnual Percentage
Yield (APY)1
9-Month 0.35% 0.35%
1-Year 0.35% 0.35%
18-Month 0.35% 0.35%
2-Year 0.35% 0.35%
3-Year 0.45% 0.45%
4-Year 0.55% 0.55%
5-Year 0.65% 0.65%

1APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of date listed above.
2Interest is calculated and compounded daily on the balance in the account and credited to the account monthly. Account balance range required for each tier determines the interest rate used for calculations. If the required minimum average daily balance falls below $100,000, the interest rate will decrease to the current rate of the Business Now Checking account
Rates are variable and subject to change with market conditions and at any time at the sole discretion of Florida Capital Bank. Service charges/fees may reduce earnings. Minimum balance to obtain stated interest rates/APYs are listed above. Money Market & Savings Accounts transaction activity is limited to six withdrawals per month. CD rates (including IRA CDs) are fixed for the given term. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal . All accounts are subject to approval. Other fees may apply. Refer to our current Schedule of Account Fees provided at account opening or available upon request. Programs, rates and terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Banking products are provided by Florida Capital Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.